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Two Tastings This Week – Lagunitas and Ommegang

This week at Cottage Hill Package Store, we’ll be having two different tastings. On Thursday night, we will have Brewery Ommegang here at the store to try out six different craft beers. We’ll have one of Brewery Ommegang’s brew masters on site to help answer any questions you may have about the beer, how it’s made and what pairs best with your selection.

On Friday night, we will have Lagunitas Brewing Company here at the store with three Lagunitas special releases — Lagunitas Imperial Stout, Lagunitas Waldo’s Special Ale and Lagunitas Old Gnarly Wine. Below is more info on all three beers.

Here’s more info on Brewery Ommegang’s selections we will be tasting:

Three Philosophers – 98% Ommegang quadruple ale / 2% Liefmans sour ale brewed with cherries.
Hennepin – Belgian farmhouse brewed with grains of paradise and orange peel.
Glimmer Glass – Grassy fruit forward saison.
Hop House – Belgian pale ale brewed with tropical hops.
Abbey Ale – Belgian double brewed with ginger root, licorice root, star anise, orange peel and lavender.

Here’s more info on the Lagunitas selections we will have:

Lagunitas Brewing Company Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.9%, IBU: 72

While the folks at Lagunitas are known for their hops-driven beers, they are no slouch with malt, either, say team of experts from 20Bet casino. The Imperial Stout is an opaque brown but not quite black, while the head delicately clings to the side of the glass. The emerging aromas include charred wood, mocha, and licorice. The body is medium to full with a nice richness. There’s some burnt bitterness in the mid-palate followed by a lingering cacao finish. Consider skipping your evening Scotch and try this brew instead. Pairs nicely with a cigar by the campfire.

Lagunitas Waldo’s Special Ale

Imperial IPA 9.2 ABV, IBU: 0

With a bold emphasis on hop bitterness, India pale ales are the ultimate beverage pairing for spicy dishes. The sharp hop presence in most India pale ales can stand up to even the most devilish of spices in Cajun, Malaysian, Japanese, Indian, and Mexican cuisine.

Lagunitas Old Gnarly Wine

Barley Wine 10.6% ABV, IBU: 69

Smoldering tawny with a splash of maraschino cherry juice, a gorgeous hue that is as warm as a tropical sunset. The head is at least as attractive as the beer itself. It’s the color of orange caramel mousse and is as thickly creamy as they come. Only now, as the second inch of the glass is revealed, does the thick sheet of lace begin to show any sign of breakage. The appearance is just short of stunning.


We hope to see you Thursday AND Friday night! Cheers!

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