Singing River Brewing Co. Launch Party March 4

Singing River Brewing Co. Launch Party March 4, 2016 at 6:30PM.

Singin’ River Brewing Company started flowing out of two passions: a love of craft beer and an expertise in manufacturing.

Rob and Michelle Jones opened the doors of the Singin’ River Brewing Company, in 2014, with a shared passion for craft beers. Rob began his interest in making beer in the 90’s—experimenting with brewing his own beers out of his apartment in Knoxville. After he and Michelle started dating, she also started enjoying the craft beer community when she would visit Denver. Together they started touring craft breweries across the US as a shared hobby.

Once they were married, Rob moved to Florence, Alabama so he and Michelle (a Florence native) could start their new life together, but his job still required a lot of travel. After missing their son crawling for the first time, Rob realized the traveling had to stop. That’s when they both decided to combine their two passions to create the first craft brewery in Florence. Combining Rob’s knowledge of craft brewing and Michelle’s expertise in manufacturing, they created a business plan to put Florence, AL on the map for craft beer. Now they are bringing a hometown, quality beer to The Shoals.

Featured Beers:

Light amber colored ale, dry and bitter with a pleasant malt backbone followed by an intense, citrusy hop flavor and aroma. British ale yeast, American Pale Ale, German Vienna and British Carastan malts. German Spalt and American Apollo hops, dry hopped with Apollo and Hopsteiner Experimental 05256 hops. 16 degrees Plato, 6.2% ABV, 60 IBU.

Blonde ale based on the Munich Helles style but fermented with a classic British ale yeast. Light gold color, balanced with a mild malt sweetness and a touch of noble hop character from the German Spalt hops. A clean tasting, easy drinking beer that is great for the craft beer new-comer or those that enjoy a mild, European-style beer. American 2row and German Munich malts, American Apollo and German Spalt hops. 12 degrees Plato, 4.9% ABV, 24 IBU.

A pleasantly bitter-sweet black ale with a fresh-roast coffee-like flavor and aroma, and a rich, malty body. A great choice for lovers of Porter, Stout and other black beers. British ale yeast, American Pale Ale malt, German Munich and British crystal, chocolate and black patent malts, American Apollo and British Challenger hops. 16 degrees plato, 6% ABV, 32 IBU.

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