Cottage Hill Package Store Recognized As Top Cigar Shop

Cottage Hill Package was recently recognized by Fat-Ash Cigar Magazine as one of the “Top Cigar Shops of Mardi Gras”. We’d like to take this moment to thank every one of our team members that makes this possible every single day. Thank you again to Fat-Ash Cigar Magazine for their excellent taste in cigars and cigar shops!

“Cottage Hill Package is a unique store, and they have the best of both worlds. They have a package store full of fine liquor, craft beers, fine wines, and they are home to one of the finest walk-in humidors in the state. Cottage Hill Package sells some of the best cigars the industry has to offer, and they provide an upscale lounge for the smoker’s enjoyment. This is one of our favorite shops in the state, and it is a great place to enjoy a cigar and a drink during the Mardi Gras festivities.”

You can read the full story at below.

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